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Diet for a Hot Planet
by Anna Lappé
foreword by Bill McKibben
Bloomsbury/Spring 2010

The era of climate-change deniers may (almost) be behind us, but a new battle has just begun. As we grapple with global warming, we will face increasing controversies over which industries are most responsible for the greenhouse gases of most concern and which actions and policies will most help us mitigate the crisis.

In these heated debates, the food industry has–so far–managed to stay out of the climate-change hot seat. Most of us don’t think about our lunch when we think about global warming.

Yet, as I’ve said elsewhere on this site, the food system is responsible for as much as one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions are particularly alarming because the food sector is the biggest driver behind methane and nitrous oxide emissions, which have global warming effects many times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

In my third book, Diet for a Hot Planet, I plunge into the heart of this era’s newest food fight with a simple message: if we are serious about addressing climate change, we have to talk about food.

As I travel to swank food industry conferences and sweltering South Korea, I will voice the dreams, tales, and warnings of the farmers and eaters at the front lines of this battle. As I head out to some of the world’s most robust and vibrant sustainable farms, I will explore the potential for sustainable agriculture to mitigate emissions.

Along the way, I’ve shared my perspective from a ringside seat at this century’s biggest food fight yet and keep you posted about the adventure on the Bite Blog.