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Testosterone Supplements and Sex Drive in Women

Testosterone plays an important role in men’s and women’s sex drive. However, when a woman’s libido is low, testosterone supplements may not be as easy as it sounds. Sex drive and orgasm in women are all driven by their natural testosterone. Although testosterone supplements increase libido in men, this kind of treatment in women is still questionable.

Low Sex Drive and Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone, and women also have their own levels of hormone in their bodies. The levels of testosterone in women slowly decrease as they age. Low levels of hormone can affect the libido and decrease the sensitivity level of clitoris and vagina.

Taking birth control pills can also decrease a woman’s sex drive. The estrogen from these pills may constrict testosterone and lowers women’s libido.

Testosterone Supplements for Women

Giving testosterone supplements to women is still controversial. Most pharmacies do not sell these supplements to women, while some doctors provide only a fraction of the dose prescribed for men. Why? According to research, testosterone supplements do not boost sex drive or libido in women the way it affects men.

Many experts are in doubt whether the supplements do their work or not. Since women’s sex drive is influenced by many factors, such as physical and emotional stress, lifestyle and problems, getting the exact result of testosterone supplements in women is challenging.

In addition, taking testosterone supplements has possible side effects. Women may experience weight gain, changes in their voice, hair growth on chest or upper lip, and acne. It may also result in other health conditions, such as breast cancer.

If you have low sex drive, testosterone supplements may help. However, it is necessary to know the risks. You may also consider natural ways to increase your libido, such as eating healthier foods that contain zinc, magnesium and vitamin B.