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Signs of Low Levels of Testosterone

Knowing the signs and symptoms of low testosterone allows you to get proper treatment immediately. This hormone has a great impact on the quality of life, as it affects not only physical but also emotional and mental health. Testosterone deficiency may lead to abnormal functions of the body systems and may also affect one’s manliness.

The production of testosterone usually decreases as people age. This is the reason why many athletes and bodybuilders take testosterone supplements to keep enough levels of testosterone in their bodies.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

A range of symptoms may develop as the production of this hormone drops.

1. Decrease of Muscle Mass

The testosterone hormone plays a significant role in the development of muscles. Men who produce a lower level of testosterone as they age may experience a decline in both muscle strength and mass. Rebuilding the muscles is more difficult as the hormone responsible is reduced. Bodybuilders and athletes who want to reverse this effect take testosterone supplements.

2. Weak Bones

Testosterone helps in strengthening the bones and improving bone density. Men with low levels of testosterone, especially older people, are more vulnerable to bone damages.

3. Low Sex Drive

Testosterone has a great impact on libido. Men in their 30s or 40s may notice a decrease in sex drive and experience trouble in achieving an erection. Testosterone encourages the receptors in the brain to increase the production of nitric oxide that helps in triggering erection. Those with low levels of testosterone may experience an extreme drop in sexual desire.

4. Lack of Energy

Men with low levels of testosterone also have low levels of energy. They may also experience fatigue even without doing too many physical activities. If you see yourself wanting to get more sleep and you find it hard to exercise, this can be a sign of low T. You can reverse this effect and boost your energy levels with testosterone supplements.

5. Body Fat

Testosterone influences the storage of fats in the body. Men with low levels of testosterone may have an increased body fats. Some men may also experience enlargement of their breasts.