When you hear about global warming, do you picture dirty coal plants and industrial smokestacks? Do you kick yourself for not having replaced that last bulb in the bathroom with a compact fluorescent? Or gnaw your nails over how much you’ve been spending on gas?

Yes, the sources of energy required to power our homes and power those planes are major emitters of the greenhouse gases of highest concern—carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide—but there’s another culprit that’s largely stayed out of the climate change-hot seat: our food system.

Okay, so maybe food strikes you as an unlikely target. If asked to name the planet’s climate-change bad guys, you might tag Shell and ExxonMobile before Sara Lee or General Mills.

But, if you actually account for all the emissions from seed to plate to landfill, the food industry accounts for as much as 31 percent of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. The livestock industry alone is responsible for nearly one-fifth of the total—more than the entire transportation sector.

Check out the resources in this section for more information about the food and climate change connection… and thanks for tuning in.

—Anna Lappé