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Signs of Low Levels of Testosterone

Knowing the signs and symptoms of low testosterone allows you to get proper treatment immediately. This hormone has a great impact on the quality of life, as it affects not only physical but also emotional and mental health. Testosterone deficiency may lead to abnormal functions of the body systems and may also affect one’s manliness.

The production of testosterone usually decreases as people age. This is the reason why many athletes and bodybuilders take testosterone supplements to keep enough levels of testosterone in their bodies.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

A range of symptoms may develop as the production of this hormone drops.

1. Decrease of Muscle Mass

The testosterone hormone plays a significant role in the development of muscles. Men who produce a lower level of testosterone as they age may experience a decline in both muscle strength and mass. Rebuilding the muscles is more difficult as the hormone responsible is reduced. Bodybuilders and athletes who want to reverse this effect take testosterone supplements.

2. Weak Bones

Testosterone helps in strengthening the bones and improving bone density. Men with low levels of testosterone, especially older people, are more vulnerable to bone damages.

3. Low Sex Drive

Testosterone has a great impact on libido. Men in their 30s or 40s may notice a decrease in sex drive and experience trouble in achieving an erection. Testosterone encourages the receptors in the brain to increase the production of nitric oxide that helps in triggering erection. Those with low levels of testosterone may experience an extreme drop in sexual desire.

4. Lack of Energy

Men with low levels of testosterone also have low levels of energy. They may also experience fatigue even without doing too many physical activities. If you see yourself wanting to get more sleep and you find it hard to exercise, this can be a sign of low T. You can reverse this effect and boost your energy levels with testosterone supplements.

5. Body Fat

Testosterone influences the storage of fats in the body. Men with low levels of testosterone may have an increased body fats. Some men may also experience enlargement of their breasts.

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Testosterone Supplements and Sex Drive in Women

Testosterone plays an important role in men’s and women’s sex drive. However, when a woman’s libido is low, testosterone supplements may not be as easy as it sounds. Sex drive and orgasm in women are all driven by their natural testosterone. Although testosterone supplements increase libido in men, this kind of treatment in women is still questionable.

Low Sex Drive and Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone, and women also have their own levels of hormone in their bodies. The levels of testosterone in women slowly decrease as they age. Low levels of hormone can affect the libido and decrease the sensitivity level of clitoris and vagina.

Taking birth control pills can also decrease a woman’s sex drive. The estrogen from these pills may constrict testosterone and lowers women’s libido.

Testosterone Supplements for Women

Giving testosterone supplements to women is still controversial. Most pharmacies do not sell these supplements to women, while some doctors provide only a fraction of the dose prescribed for men. Why? According to research, testosterone supplements do not boost sex drive or libido in women the way it affects men.

Many experts are in doubt whether the supplements do their work or not. Since women’s sex drive is influenced by many factors, such as physical and emotional stress, lifestyle and problems, getting the exact result of testosterone supplements in women is challenging.

In addition, taking testosterone supplements has possible side effects. Women may experience weight gain, changes in their voice, hair growth on chest or upper lip, and acne. It may also result in other health conditions, such as breast cancer.

If you have low sex drive, testosterone supplements may help. However, it is necessary to know the risks. You may also consider natural ways to increase your libido, such as eating healthier foods that contain zinc, magnesium and vitamin B.

Testosterone Supplements Vs. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone supplements are natural, and they are different from testosterone replacement therapy. T supplements contain ingredients with the right dosages that can encourage testosterone production naturally. This lets the body to produce its own hormone.

Androgen replacement therapy or Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment prescribed by doctors. An outside testosterone is injected inside the body. It can also be in the form of pellets or topical creams to increase the level of hormone in the system. However, it slows down the production of natural testosterone as the body believes that it is already producing enough as it receives testosterone from the outside.

Possible Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone supplements contain natural ingredients, and there is no outside testosterone involve unlike testosterone replacement therapy. It provides the body the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needs in order to produce natural testosterones (friskey).

Once testosterone replacement therapy starts, one has to commit to it for life in order to maintain higher or enough levels of testosterone. You also need to consider the cost and its possible side effects, including reduced testicle size, mood swings, breast enlargement, acne, spleen enlargement, infertility and higher blood pressure.

There was a study done on 1,223 men who had low levels of testosterone. These men who were around 60 had undergone hormone replacement therapy. According to this study, 30 percent of these men had a higher risk of heart problems and death compared to those who did not undergo therapy.

Are There Problems Associated with Testosterone Supplements?

Testosterone supplements contain natural ingredients, including herbs, vitamins and essential minerals that encourage the production of testosterones naturally. There are no outside substances injected into your system. These are safer than giving the body foreign substances or outside testosterone. However, excessive consumption of testosterone supplements may also lead to side effects, such as mood swings and acne. Always follow the proper dosages or consult your doctor about the right dosage for you.

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