Appliance Repair Help – What I Learned When Looking For A Washer Repair Near Me

So, last month my washer broke. This was the first time in two years that it malfunctioned. Initially, I thought it had something to do with the power supply. I checked all the lines, connected it to a different power source, but still, there was nothing. It was dead. My first reaction was to check the symptoms of such malfunctions online. What could have caused this issue suddenly? I found a lot of similar questions, but most of them had different answers. Some said the motor was dead, some mentioned about damaged wiring. It was darn confusing.

I did have a new screwdriver in the garage, and I used it to dismantle the washer. That was the biggest mistake ever. I forgot to switch the device off from the power source as I was constantly testing it. So, as I opened the back panel, I don’t know what I touched, but there was a small flash, and something got fried inside. I immediately called a washer repair near me technician who promised to repair the washer the same day. He came, saw the condition of the washer, and told me I was on the verge of damaging it entirely.

Well, I did accept the fact that I tried to fidget with the back panel to see if I could fix it. So, the technician said not to do such a thing with any other gadget ever. No matter how many tools I have, if I don’t have experience in repairing these gadgets, I shouldn’t touch them.

He was kind enough to replace the fried up parts and repair the washer in an hour. That was a big lesson for me. So, last week my electric kettle wasn’t working correctly; I didn’t do anything with it. I called the technician again and made sure he repaired it without me touching anything.